The Last Stand

We watched Arnold’s latest feature film, in which he wasn’t part of an ensemble cast. We weren’t expecting much. After all, the man is 66 now, so as an action star famous for his physique, he’s lost a lot of the glory he once had. That’s to be expected. By comparison however, Chuck Norris can […]

Thor: Dark World

My son and I watched Thor: Dark World tonight. It was fun. Although, I must admit that I am an unsophisticated movie fan. While Schindler’s List and Lorenzo’s Oil are two of my favourite dramas of all time, I also enjoy horrible movies that have dozens of plot holes and anger the fans of the […]

Society is addicted to addictions.

This post is not about anything as expertly diagnosed as substance abuse. The evidence to support the physical and psychological impact that all forms of chemical addictions can cause the human body and their impacts on society are readily available. However, I believe that we throw the word addiction around too easily. Obviously, if a […]