Mobile blogging

I bought a new Bluetooth keyboard yesterday. It’s a lot of fun to use and much easier than typing on the touch screen. However, it’s still a lot smaller than a full-sized one. So, my speed is a fraction of what it would normally be and my error rate is much higher, as well. I […]

The Beautiful Blogger

I’ve touched on the subject about why we blog, once already, but I wanted to take some time to evaluate some of the more esoteric reasons we do so from a blogger’s perspective. This might seem unusual, because it probably appears as though I’m new to blogging, but this is not the case. I have […]

Why do we blog?

This blog is an unusual entity. As a technology enthusiast, I love surfing the Internet, reading news articles, participating in online forums, sharing on social networks and trying out new technologies. I spend countless hours utilizing my various computers, Android devices and other electronic gadgets. Every member of my household has multiple computers. We have […]