The Last Stand

We watched Arnold’s latest feature film, in which he wasn’t part of an ensemble cast. We weren’t expecting much. After all, the man is 66 now, so as an action star famous for his physique, he’s lost a lot of the glory he once had. That’s to be expected. By comparison however, Chuck Norris can still kick some mean ass at 73. Either way, I don’t think I’d want to step into a ring with Arnie or Chuck.

I love the ensemble casts we get treated to in The Expendables and will watch Escape Plan, where Arnie finally teams up in a buddy movie with Sylvester Stallone. However, I don’t expect much from these movies. They are after all, action films about aging action stars, filled with plenty of cheesy one-liners and in-jokes.

When these 80’s action heroes star in movies by themselves though, I expect a bit more. I realize that none of these actors can possibly recapture the glory of the past, but a certain level of quality should be expected, in the writing, the plot, the special effects and the action. Sadly, Arnold’s solo movie is nothing short of awful. The characters, premise and plot are ridiculous. The stunts are completely unbelievable and Arnold appears to be an after thought to the movie, rather than a central character. Finally, he appears to have changed from a bad ass action hero to a smiling buffoon. This last problem is the most disturbing. Just look at that face. All he does is smirk in that creepy, evil clown grin of his, the whole movie. It’s sad to see him this way. Of course, he has never been an award winning actor, but this, this is just bad.