Thor: Dark World

My son and I watched Thor: Dark World tonight. It was fun. Although, I must admit that I am an unsophisticated movie fan. While Schindler’s List and Lorenzo’s Oil are two of my favourite dramas of all time, I also enjoy horrible movies that have dozens of plot holes and anger the fans of the books from which they were adapted. Yes, I’m looking at you, World War Z.

I hate critics and disagree with almost every review. As long as I can spend 90 plus minutes escaping into another world, laugh, gasp or cheer at the screen, I’m happy. In that regard, this movie delivered.

The Expendables was the last straw for me, as far as critics go. The entire film was the brain child of a man who loved 80’s action heroes, a nod to my generation. It was filled with one-liners, explosions and over the top fights. Anyone who watches The Expendables expecting anything more than testosterone, horrible puns and explosions is an idiot. To review any movie from that franchise based on its merits as an intellectual form of entertainment is beyond stupid and the ramblings of a self-important blowhard. Face it. Some movies are meant to do nothing more than entertain at the most basic level. Not every movie needs to make you think.

Thor: Dark World is that type of film. It’s a movie about a comic book hero, people. Let’s not forget that. As long as the acting is better than the horrible movies Marvel allowed before the turn of the century, it will suffice.

The action and special effects are paramount. Yes, that’s right. Special effects make a movie. I’m sure I just made thousands of self-righteous fans angry with that statement, but it’s true. Superhero movies are about pure escapism and suspension of disbelief. They’re about black and white, sometimes grey areas of right and wrong, good versus evil. They’re about simplistic values and fun. Make them overly complicated and you’re missing the point.

On all these points, this movie delivers. It’s basically a two hour “villain of the week” episode of a Saturday morning cartoon. Even Natalie Portman, an actress of whom I’ve never been a fan, did well. I hated her in the Star Wars films. She was a robot and boring beyond reason, just as she has been in nearly every role since. However, we’ve grown accustomed to the trio of Jane Foster, Thor and Loki over the course of several films now and their dynamic is maturing, nicely.

I also admit that I’m really becoming a fan of Tom Hiddleston, as a villain. Having a strong supporting cast will make or break any movie, especially one in which we need to care about the struggle of a hero. Thor has that.

I also enjoyed the nod they gave to Doctor Who fans, whether intentional, or not. Without giving away the story, the main battle takes place in Greenwich, England. Of course, Greenwich is best known as being the center of all time zones, thus the reason the term Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was coined. Also consider the fact that the villain Malekith, is played by Christopher Eccleston, who is best known for his portrayal as the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, in Doctor Who, the last of the Time Lords. See what they did there? While Malekith’s character is very two dimensional, he gave the film the necessary focal point. It worked just fine.

If you’re expecting anything more than an over the top action movie, then you will be disappointed, but if you like Marvel superhero movies as a whole, then this one should fit the bill. I recommend it. As I said before, it was fun and that’s all that should really matter.