Mobile blogging

I bought a new Bluetooth keyboard yesterday. It’s a lot of fun to use and much easier than typing on the touch screen. However, it’s still a lot smaller than a full-sized one. So, my speed is a fraction of what it would normally be and my error rate is much higher, as well. I imagine that as I use it more I will get better, but typing on it will never be as fast or as comfortable as on a laptop or desktop.

While mobile computing has come a long way in the last few years, I don’t imagine that tasks such as writing blogs will ever make the full move to handheld devices. Even if voice dictation improves, this won’t be practical. Imagine sitting in your local coffee shop where a dozen people dictate to their handheld devices, instead of typing on them.  It would seem foolish. That’s why texting became its own language; because typing and correcting words on small devices is too difficult. The result was that a modern form of shorthand has been adapted by a large section of our culture.

Micro keyboards are an improvement and indeed, we even have roll up keyboards now, but those are still a bit bulky. So, I don’t see a full migration to portable devices within the near future. Reading and commenting on blogs can easily be done on any platform, but writing anything of length is too cumbersome and slow on portables. No, I believe that blogging will likely remain a task for full-sized systems.