Recent Facebook security features

Due to the vast amount of information Facebook collects about its users, privacy has always been a concern and people are becoming continually more aware of the issues this can present. Crimes have been committed, jobs have been lost and relationships destroyed due to bad judgement and often, poor social media security restrictions. Of course, […]

Too much technology

In response to Yep, I ignore my kids to send texts and Parents on Phones. Anyone who knows me understands that I love technology. The number of computers, smartphones, gaming systems and similar devices in my home, outnumbers the people by about five to one, possibly more. So, when I say that as a society […]


I was recently taking an account of my online presence. It’s a good idea for everyone to do this, from time to time. Although, I doubt anyone does. Being a bit OCD, I keep track of all the websites and services to which I have an account, in KeePass. It’s a great program that everyone […]