Upgraded the tank again

Oscar now…

Oscar, August 1st, 2011 by Schvenn Meister

About once a year I give the tank a good once over. This time, I gave the tank over…to my niece. I replaced the 20 gallon tank with a 30 gallon tank, a larger pump, some gravel, new plants and additional minor decorations to dress it up. I’m going for the busy look this time, rather than the sparse look. I like to change it up. The new tank has a hood and light, unlike my old tank with a fiberglass lid. I also have a couple plecostamus now, as well. I know everyone says that a 55 gallon tank is the minimum for an oscar. I hope they’re wrong. Ugh. I can’t get much bigger than what I have now. Although, my credenza could handle it, I don’t want to get a tank that large. Hopefully Oscar will be happy with his new digs. As you can probably tell, compared to November of last year, he’s grown quite a bit.

Oscar 8 months ago…

Oscar 3